Gaming Passion

We are a group that grew up with bread and Commodore™

We study, play and learn from games, we started in the 90's and now we can finally work with our passion. Stupid isn't afraid to fall.

If we did not have stupid thoughts, we would not have funny games. StupidiPixel

Our stupidity has allowed us to be in love with our work

Pixel Art Mockup

First we create nice pixel art and the game document.

3D Graphics assets

We also work with 3D visualization or 2.5D Engine.

Stupid Coding

This part is where we have fun.


This part is where we have LESS fun.

Add some Magic

It's time for some maaaagic!


We are stupid but we dont forget to balance the games.

Our Stupid Team

We started a few but it's said that we can't grow.

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Fabio Taurisano

Creative Director / Tech Artist

NULL information

Antonio Natilla


Manga & Astronomy Lover

Antonio Umberto Aramini


DIG - California Lover

Simone Di Gravio


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Michele Pirovano

Ninja Dev Collaborator

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Illustrator Collaborator

Our Games

Designed with heart and coded to resist stupid users:

Our Friends

They say about us

Some stupid number

1469+ Commit of Dr.HackDream
533+ Pixel Charachter
355+ Hours of Debugging
9669+ Cups Of Coffee